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Why is there a charge on my card?

It's a monthly charge for Credit Repair Cloud.

Who is Credit-Aid Software? - We're a small software company based Culver City, CA that makes credit repair software . We've been in business since 2002.

Why are you charging me? - This is a recurring charge for Credit Repair Cloud. An online business service primarily used by mortgage brokers, credit specialists and entrepreneurs. We cannot charge anyone without signed authorization.

Doesn't ring a bell? - If this product doesn't ring a bell, you may want to ask around the office. We've found that 95% of the time the confusion arises from someone else at a company signing up for the product

Can we get an invoice for the charges? - Every time we bill you we send an invoice to the email address you (or your co-worker) provided when you/they signed up. Every time you pay a bill we send you a receipt.

How do I cancel my account? - Cancellation is self-service. You can cancel your account at any time and it takes about 30 seconds. Just log into your account, click the “My Account” tab, and click the Cancel link and then confirm on the next page. You will receive instant time-stamped confirmation. Once you've cancelled you won't be billed again, but you are responsible for all previously incurred charges.

Didn't I have a free trial? - Yes, all accounts start with a 30 day free trial. No one can be billed during their 30 day free trial. If you don't want to be billed, you must cancel before the end of your 30 day trial. Many reminders with instructions to cancel are sent during the 30 day free trial. If you have not canceled, charges begin at the start of month two.

Can we get a refund? - Charges are non-refundable, but once you cancel you will never be charged again. We don't have long-term contracts, lock-in, signup or termination fees. Just pay as you go and cancel when you're done. Please see the refund policy for further details..This is the same policy you clicked "I agree" to when you opened your account and signed your credit card charge authorization.

Can I change my billing date or delay my billing? - Billing occurs on the same day every month. It can't be moved or delayed. When a card fails, the system will try again over the next few days and then suspend. When you're ready to reactivate your account or to add a different credit card, log in to your account and follow the onscreen instructions.

Any further questions? - You can submit a support ticket and we will get back to you soon.