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Credit Repair Cloud gives you the best support and tools to easily run your own credit repair business today.

Import credit reports, generate dispute letters, and run credit audits in an instant

Save hours of typing by importing clients’ credit reports.  Our patent-pending system automatically analyzes and highlights negative items for dispute and merges the data into perfect dispute letters every time.  Create a credit audit report with 1-click, your #1 sales tool! See it in action
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Common questions about credit report import:

Q: What credit reports can be imported?

A: Import online reports from:

Most of these services have a $1 trial with instant access to reports and scores from all 3 bureaus.

Q: Can I import from other providers or from PDFs?

A: The providers listed above are the only ones that our system will import. If you have a favorite provider who is not listed or if you receive reports by PDF, you can add the report items manually in our Dispute Wizard (Patent Pending). See a video demo of manual entry.

Disclaimer: We are not a provider of credit reports and we are not affiliated with any credit report providers. Your client should order their reports directly with the Credit Report providers.


Get paid faster with automated recurring billing

The only recurring payment solution designed just for Credit Repair Business - Billsby makes it easy to set-up and manage automated recurring client payments from within Credit Repair Cloud. Clients can even sign up with a credit card on your site!

Handle all common types of credit repair billing:

  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Pay-per-delete (triggered by status change)
  • 1-time charges.
  • Automated email notifications
  • Dunning management for declined cards
  • Invoice billing
  • Client Signup from your website
  • Collect payment at start or delay until after "first work" (round 1 letters)
Paid Faster

Understanding the Telephone Sales Rule
IF YOU SERVICE OR SOLICIT CUSTOMERS BY TELEPHONE IN MORE THAN ONE STATE, YOU MUST ADHERE TO THE TSR. The TSR prohibits requesting or receiving payment for credit repair services any time before
1) the seller provides the customer a report from a consumer reporting agency showing achievement of the promised result; and 2) such report is issued more than six months after the positive results were achieved. 
You must comply with all the applicable federal laws. You must also comply with the laws of the state where you market and operate. CRC’s statements are not legal advice. You should seek legal advice to assure compliance.
For more information, you can visit the FTC’s website: 

Manage your brand with your own white label client/affiliate portal

The most important tool a credit pro can have. Your clients can login 24/7 and receive live automated status updates, saving you countless phone calls and making you look like a hero. Real transparency = happy clients = more referrals.

Manage Your Band

Your portal has:

  • Live status updates and secure communication save you from unnecessary calls asking "has anything changed?"
  • Marketing tools for affiliates: The first thing a client sees is the smiling face of the professional who referred them to you.
  • Credit education for your clients, with easy to follow tips for faster results, and to maintain great credit after your work is done.
  • Client Resources: Add your own logos and links to "recommended services" that pay you a commission with each referral.
  • Private label branded: We are invisible in your portal. Your clients and affiliates will only see your branding.
  • Secure document exchange with the same security encryption as a bank. Never send credit reports and sensitive data by email!

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See how Rush Credit Repair increased their revenue by 400% in less than one year.


Easily become a financial expert.

Built-in tools help your clients better handle debt and spending. Going the extra mile to provide this service will promote good will (and get you more referrals).




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