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Credit Heroes & Their Inspiring Stories

More than just the money, they are changing a whole lot of lives.

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What is the Millionaires Club?

The Millionaires Club exists to provide recognition to those who took action, changed a lot of lives, and grossed 1,000,000 revenue using Credit Repair Cloud over the life of their business. Many of our Millionaire users started from nothing. We share their stories as inspiration of how they achieved success through hard work and dedication.


Featured Millionaire Stories

Arron Clarke

Went from homeless to hero

Deunka Alston

Young mother who wanted a flexible business

Serge Bagdasarov

Nearly lost his life, now he changes lives

Andre Coakley

Had enough of the mortgage industry

Tracy Arnett

Was a victim of ID theft and now help others

Samuel Naquin

Left real estate business to help home buyers

Seth Mitchel

Overcame adversity and emerged a winner

Jeff Rubins

Loves helping people to reach their dreams

Abraham Matyas

Wanted to change lives in his close community

Derrick Harper Sr.

Started by helping his friends in the Air Force

** Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Credit Repair Cloud. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that Credit Repair Cloud is not a business opportunity. Credit Repair Cloud is a software platform that helps businesses to operate a credit repair business. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back**.

Millionaires Club Members

Andre' Coakley
Miami, FL
image 41
Samuel Naquin
Austin, TX
image 41 (1)
Tracy Arnett
Sacramento, CA
Ashley M.
Dallas, TX
image 41 (3)
Serge Bagdasarov
Seattle, WA
image 41 (4)
Jeff Rubins & Keith Davis
Los Angeles, CA
image 41 (5)
Dominique Brown
Bristow, VA
image 41 (6)
Abraham Matyas
Brooklyn, NY
image 41 (7)
Sandra Ruiz & Claude Brooks
Studio City, CA
image 41 (8)
Danny Oh
image 41 (9)
Tara Ashley-Gable
Lakewood, CO
image 41 (14)
Aaron Clarke
Philadelphia, PA
image 41 (15)
Seth Mitchell
Atlanta, GA
image 41 (10)
Joe Mahlo
Houston, TX
image 41 (11)
Scott & Jennifer Been
Katy, TX
image 41 (16)
Derricka Harwell
Southaven, MS
image 41 (18)
Dr. Jean Chery
Philadelphia, PA
image 41 (13)
Deunka Alston
Parkville, MD
image 41 (20)
Whitney Bryant
New York, NY
image 59
Tim Clark
Philadelphia, PA
image 41 (19)
Alain Enriquez, Ivan Meza, Earl Craig, John Enriquez
Anaheim, CA
image 41 (21)
Reco M. McCambry, MBA, Shanee' McCambry & Haziq Ali
Conyers, GA
Montgomery, AL
image 41 (23)
Jason White
Toledo, OH
image 41 (24)
Tiffany Jackson
Charlotte, NC
Dashnay Coleman
Dashnay Coleman
Philadelphia, PA
image 41 (26)
Bruce Politano
Boynton Beach, FL
image 41 (27)
Vamba Freeman
Sacramento, CA
image 41 (28)
Fred Strauss
Orlando, FL
Jessica Martin
Houston, TX
image 41 (30)
Kyle Klosowski & Umesh Agarwal
Miami, FL
image 41 (31)
Timo Wilson
Timo Wilson
image 41 (32)
Irene Day
Cleveland, OH
image 41 (33)
Dane Wilson
Frisco, TX
image 41
Damiaya Bryant
Vacaville, CA
Credit Supreme
Alex K., Carlos V., Dimitri K., Christopher N.
Doral, FL
Lasundia Reese
Lasundia Reese
Montgomery, AL
Ebony Cochran
Ebony Cochran
Clinton Township, MI
Derrick Harper
Atlanta, GA
Amber Jones Headshot
Amber Jones
Birmingham, AL
Headshot Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson
Montgomery, AL
Logo - Ricardo Soto & Daniel De La Garza-modified (2)
Ricardo Soto & Daniel De La Garza
Palm Desert, CA
Dylan & Theano Shively
Dylan & Theano Shively
San Antonio, TX
Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez
Jersey City, NJ
Nicole Ashley Headshot
Nicole Ashley
Orlando, FL
Stephania Pedraza
Stephania Pedraza
Houston, TX
Robin Sobomehin Headshot
Robin Sobomehin
Crown Point, IN
Odean Lawrence & Okief Robb
Odean Lawrence & Okief Robb
Coral Springs, FL

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